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Keeping tiles and grout looking clean has always been a challenge. Over time floor tiles start to look dirty and grout lines become discoloured. Commercial wet areas are notoriously difficult to keep looking good, and the grout quickly discolours. Clean Tile and Grout can solve these issues both commercially and residentially.

Our tile and grout cleaning service offers you gleaming floorings. Most of us vacuum cleaners as well as wipe our floorings often, however this is not enough to maintain the cement in the leading problem.

Oxygen 2 Clean is experts in tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne. Also provide where an industry-powered tool is used. We will certainly eliminate the crud and also hefty dust accumulation from your tiles and the grout in between them, by using sophisticated floor tile cleaning approaches as well as specialist cleaning agents.

The floor tile cleaners are likewise geared up with unique devices and tools, which are designed for usage in tiny spaces as well as hard-to-reach areas. So do not have a problem with rubbing your bathroom, when we can do this for you quickly.

  • Specialist cleaning and protection
  • Enhanced appearance of your place
  • eliable & secure cleansing techniques
  • Germ-free tiled surface areas
  • Completely educated service technicians
Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne

Our Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning in Melbourne Add Life to Your Floor

A sparkling clean tile floor leaves a great first impression on visitors. However, if you do not clean your floor by hiring the services of professional cleaners for tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne, you may not only affect the precise shine and longevity of your floors but also turning off the interest of your potential client’s. Keep in mind that grimy and dirty floors always leave a negative representation of your business in the industry. To prevent this, it becomes imperative especially in today’s competitive business scenario to invest in the professional services of deep tile and grout cleaning.

There are several benefits that you can get with our precise tile and grout cleaning services. Please see here:

  • Extends the longevity of your floor- By using oxygenated bleach and EPA-approved cleaning products, we tend to preserve your tile floor. Our expert cleaners are well-versed with the nature and quality of different tiles and use the best cleaning solution to maintain the floor shine while removing the stubborn stains
  • Kills bacteria and other germs- Our regular deep cleaning approach for your tile grout works ideal to eliminate the health risks. By gently scrubbing the grout using the disinfectant our tile and grout cleaning professionals kill harmful bacteria existing on the floor.
  • Flexible and convenient- Our services for tile and grout cleaning in Melbourne are flexible solutions that you can book at your convenience. We don’t limit our cleaning job to a particular hour; you can have us at any time of the day so you can maintain the decorum in your premises.

Oxygen 2 Clean professionals do not only clean tile and grout but also restore it to new condition using the standard products designed specifically to de-stain the old grout. So, why unnecessary take the stress when one call to Oxygen 2 Clean is all it takes to restore your tiles to their best condition. Contact us today to improve the appearance of your tile.


Floor tiles & hard surface cleaning

We have developed a bespoke deep cleaning process that uses a combination of emulsification, hot, high pressure water and vacuum to clean tiles and grout and most other hard floor surfaces to an impressive standard. Surfaces that can be cleaned using this process include; man-made and natural tile floors, larger commercial floors, patios and swimming pool surrounds with their anti-slip tiles, to name but a few.

Bathrooms & wet areas.

We also clean hotel showers and other commercial wet areas. Once cleaned the grout can generally be treated with Grout Perfect Colour Seal to provide a longer term solution to the age old problem of mouldy and discoloured grout.


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Some exterior tiled locations can be cleaned up with the exact same tools that we make use of for our tile and grout cleaning service. Most of the time, nevertheless, your outside surface areas will certainly take advantage of being pressure cleaned with a jet sort of tools. You can schedule our pressure cleaning service, along with your tile and grout cleaning, at reduced prices.

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