How Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services Can Make Your Life Healthier?

The only purpose of keeping your home clean is to create a healthy and germ-free living atmosphere. No matter what it takes for you to keep your home clean, but if your carpet and upholstery is not deep cleaned and disinfected, your efforts for deep cleaning your home will be of no worth. You may know that both carpet and upholstery are like a magnet for dirt, stains, and bacteria. After going through a lot of mess, it is only the professional method to carpet & upholstery cleaning in Melbourne that will not only assures germ-free surfaces, but also breathe new life into your old carpet and upholsteries using the technology-advanced cleaning methods.

Unless your carpets are threadbare, it is wise to let your filthy carpets get professionally deep cleaned. There are plenty of carpet & upholstery cleaning methods used by professional cleaners that make them deep clean and allergen-free.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Methods Implemented By Professional Carpet Cleaners In Melbourne

Basic cleaning will not bring that spotless clean impact that a professional cleaner gets with his expertise on different carpet & upholstery cleaning methods. A few of the effective methods that are used by experienced carpet cleaners in Melbourne are as follows:

  • Hot water extraction- Commonly known as steam cleaning, it is one of the effective carpet cleaning methods used by professional carpet cleaners. In this method, a machine (similar to a vacuum) releases hot water in full force, which loosens the dirt and debris from the carpet. With the hot water extraction carpet cleaning method, cleaners don’t just clean the carpet but also eliminate the nasty odors and bacteria from it and make your carpet absolutely healthy and clean for re-use.
  • Upholstery steam cleaning- In this method, upholstery specialized cleaners use steam to thoroughly clean the stains from upholstery fabric. Professional cleaners are well-versed in the different types of upholstery fabric and before implementing the steam cleaning method, they make sure that the fabric is ideal for steam cleaning.
  • Dry cleaning- Unlike hot water extraction, the dry cleaning method doesn’t require water for thoroughly cleaning the carpets. In this method, carpet cleaners in Melbourne will sprinkle an absorbent solution over the carpet and then spread the solution using a high-tech brush (especially used for carpet cleaning) of a vacuum-like automatic machine. The solution used in this method will automatically dissolve dirt into the fiber and the cleaner will suck out the dirt using a high-power vacuum cleaner. It is an effective cleaning method for carpet & upholstery that are not ideal for steam cleaning.
  • Shampooing- This is one of the traditional carpet cleaning methods in which the cleaners will pour carpet-fabric cleaning solution on the carpet surface and then use a tech-advanced carpet cleaning machine to mix the solution and rub it thoroughly over the carpet. After scrubbing, the solution is then left to dry. Once it gets completely dried and the solution becomes brittle, it will separate itself from the carpet fiber and the dried residue will be easily removed by the vacuum cleaner.

Having the services of professional carpet & upholstery cleaners in Melbourne is a must to extend the life and enhance the appeal of your carpets and upholsteries while keeping your surroundings free from allergens. Also, you can rest assured of these deep cleaning ensured methods of Oxygen 2 Clean specialized cleaners as they are designed considering the sensitivity of different fabrics of carpets and upholsteries. So, let the professionals take care of  your carpets and upholsteries to help you get a healthy living surrounding.