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Graffiti Removing

Graffiti is a problem everywhere in Melbourne. Graffiti can often leave your property with a “black eye” in the form of visual pollution. Graffiti can damage your image by creating an “unsafe” or “insecure” feeling in the eyes of visitors to your facility, shopping centre or business. Thankfully, Oxygen 2 Clean graffiti removal can help restore graffiti marked areas to their original condition through specially-designed removal agents, paints, or coatings that can even make for an easy clean-up in case of future graffiti attacks.

Some graffiti removal products and services can make a surface look worse than before the removal process began. A simple analysis of the surface and the substance used for the graffiti is the first step to determining the best approach in each situation. Each case is different, and removal methods will vary based on the initial assessment. At Oxygen 2 Clean we can identify and select the correct method to restore your property to its original condition.

** Please note that we can also create a customised plan for your individual requirements. If you need any special add-on services, we can add these to your customized plan. Additional costs may apply.

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Graffiti Removing
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