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As well as being crucial to upholding your reputation and attracting new patrons and guests, the cleanliness and safety of your venue is also vital for your staff. With our experience in commercial cleaning throughout Melbourne, Oxygen 2 Clean has a system which lends itself particularly well to hospitality cleaning. In fact, our success can be attributed to the strong values of hospitality that you would be very familiar with. We aim to create strong, lasting relationships and we understand that we will play a key role in the overall experience of your guests and patrons when they visit your venue.

You can trust that we take this responsibility in keeping your premises safe, clean and hygienic extremely seriously.
• We use earth and human friendly, safe and effective cleaning products to keep your members, our staff and the environment safe.
• We tailor our services to our clients need and requirements so you only pay for the services that you need for your particular pub, café, restaurant, hotel or motel.
• We offer a large range of ancillary specialist cleaning services including window cleaning and carpet cleaning, as well as gardening and landscaping.
• We are flexible with cleaning times so we can work around your opening hours.


** Please note that we can also create a customised plan for your individual requirements. If you need any special add-on services, we can add these to your customized plan. Additional costs may apply.

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