How Frequently You Need Professional Factory Cleaners in Melbourne For Cleaning & Sweeping Floors?

Factory managers or owners always ask how often they should the services of professional factory cleaners in Melbourne for thorough sweeping and cleaning of floors. Regarding this, there are several factors that will decide how often you should be getting your facility cleaned by expert cleaners.

Different Factors That Affect How Often You Need To Hire Dedicated Commercial Cleaners In Melbourne

  • Traffic

The number of frequencies in which you need the services of professional cleaners for your commercial space is largely dependent on how much traffic you’re getting in each area of your workspace, including the storeroom. Keep in a notice that the majorly used areas of your factory are:

  • Entryways and exits
  • Hallways
  • Store rooms (where all the unused things and trash are stored)

You may work in a clean, separate room, but these highest traffic areas in your factory are the areas that dictate how often you need to hire commercial cleaners in Melbourne before these hotspots become a breeding ground for bacteria and other allergens.

  • Hotspot areas where more activities are performed

There are other areas in your factory or office that may not experience a lot of foot traffic, but may get a lot of activity. These are the areas like kitchen, conference rooms, meeting rooms, hall rooms, and other areas that may not have a lot of people sitting in them, but may not necessarily have a lot of people walking around. Such higher activity areas may not get foot traffic, but they’re still prone to marks from machines & furniture or spills from drinks and food. Areas that experience a high level of activity will require the expertise of our professional factory cleaners in Melbourne to deeply clean the space.

  • Type of floor material

What your factory floors are made of will tell you the frequency at which commercial cleaners sweep and clean your floors. For example, sealed factory floors have far greater protection from spills, scratches, and scuff marks. Unsealed floors, on the other hand, are more vulnerable to damage. Thus, unsealed commercial workspace floors are going to need more frequent sweeping and cleaning expertise of commercial cleaners in Melbourne than the sealed floors in your facility.

There are a lot of factors that determine how often you need to hire professional cleaners for your facility. Getting your factory thoroughly cleaned and swept by Oxygen 2 Clean experienced cleaners once per week is typically enough to make your workspace sparkling clean, free from pathogens, and healthy for employees.