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Medical Centre Cleaning

We thoroughly understand what goes into cleaning a medical facility.
By this we will ensure the utmost in cleanliness, safety and hygiene for your staff, your patients, and visitors, delivered with sensitivity, care and understanding.
Furthermore, we’ll partner with you to formulate a customised cleaning solution that responds directly and fully to your unique needs.
Our level of genuine care goes beyond consistently complying with stringent clinical requirements, into the finer details. Details we know will make a difference to the health, safety and happiness of your patients, visitors and staff. We do this because we believe it’s important to look after people, just like when you go to great lengths to take care of every individual patient.

With our experience in the medical hygiene arena, it is our compliance, processes and expertise combined with sensitivity, thoughtfulness and genuine regard for the well-being of others that enables us to set a new benchmark.
Patient care is a top priority.
Creating and maintaining a calm and caring experience for patients is a top priority. A consistently clean environment plays is essential in providing this experience. Patients as well as your staff need the assurance of a clinical medical space that is hygienically safe.
Ever-tightening regulatory standards and compliance policies make it essential for healthcare businesses to take appropriate measures for the prevention of risks related to cleanliness and hygiene. For the assurance of compliance and continuity, you require the services of a competent cleaning service provider who understands best practice cleaning for healthcare.

** Please note that we can also create a customised plan for your individual requirements. If you need any special add-on services, we can add these to your customized plan. Additional costs may apply.

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