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Mattress & Upholstery Cleaning

We can offer you a Dry Mattress & Upholstery Cleaning service for more Delicate fabrics. For this we may use a Professional cleaning Foam or a Special Carbonated cleaning product. Firstly we will give the upholstery a thorough Vacuum to remove any Loose Dirt, Hair or Food Crumbs. We will also remove the cushions if possible to ensure the underside of the cushion is Completely vacuumed as well.

We will then add the Cleaning Foam or Carbonated Cleaning Product and either rub Gently with a cloth or simply leave to Fizz. The carbonation bubbles will fizz and this will help work out all of the deep Embedded dirt and bring it all back to the surface. Once we are satisfied with this step we will then use a Powerful Vacuum to clear up any remaining dirt and you will be left with a dry, clean fresh smelling sofa,mattress or chair.

Another option that we provide is a Deep Steam Clean, for this we will use our Powerful Pro Steam Hot Water Extraction Machine with a specifically designed cleaner Attachment Head for upholstery. This machine is the Best on the market and will get rid of all Smells, Stains, Kills 100% Bacteria. It will also bring your upholstery back to an Amazing new Standar. It truly is an Amazing machine and will give you results that no do it yourself clean will ever give you.

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