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Hard To Reach Areas Cleaning

We all have those hard to reach cleaning areas in our home and work place. Sometimes we don’t clean them regularly enough and sometimes we don’t have the right tool for the job. Oxygen 2 clean here to help you.

Surfaces That You Do Not See
The areas that are hardest to reach in a place are likely to be on top of and underneath familiar items and place features. This can include:
On top of ceiling fan blades
On top of or inside ceiling light features
On top of cabinets
Between heavy kitchen appliances and walls
On top of door frames and window sills
Underneath the edge of the medicine cabinet
Underneath the rim of the kitchen counter
Inside recessed lighting
On top of partial walls and tall, built-in shelves

Begin by going room by room and taking an inventory of the hard-to-reach spaces. To do this, you may need to look around your place with a new perspective.

Just because some areas are hard to reach doesn’t mean they should be left out of a regular cleaning schedule. We are here to help you, call us today.

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