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The Essential Guide to Office Cleaning in Melbourne

Maintaining a clean office environment is vital for employee health, productivity, and creating a positive impression on clients. With high-touch surfaces and constant dust accumulation, office spaces face unique cleaning challenges. At Oxygen 2 Clean, the best office cleaning in Melbourne, we go beyond basic cleaning, ensuring your office is spotless and conducive to a productive work environment.

The Needs of Office Cleaning in Melbourne

Different areas within an office have specific cleaning requirements:

High-Traffic Areas: Lobbies, reception areas, conference rooms, and restrooms.
Workstations: Desks, chairs, keyboards, and computer screens.
Common Areas: Break rooms, kitchens, and copy/printer areas.
Hidden Spots: Vents, light fixtures, and behind/under furniture.

These areas need regular attention, with cleaning schedules ranging from daily to seasonal to maintain a pristine office environment. Our office cleaning Melbourne services cater to these specific needs, ensuring every area is thoroughly cleaned.

High-Traffic Areas

High-traffic areas in offices, such as lobbies, reception areas, conference rooms, and restrooms, require frequent cleaning due to the constant flow of people. These areas can quickly become breeding grounds for germs and dirt.

Daily maintenance includes vacuuming carpets, mopping floors, and wiping down surfaces. However, regular deep cleaning is crucial to address the buildup of grime and ensure a sanitary environment.

Our commercial cleaning Melbourne services focus on these high-traffic areas, using advanced cleaning techniques and products to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.


Workstations are the hub of daily activities, making them prone to accumulating dust, dirt, and germs. Desks, chairs, keyboards, and computer screens need regular cleaning to prevent the spread of bacteria and maintain a healthy workspace.

Daily cleaning involves wiping down surfaces, disinfecting keyboards and mice, and emptying trash bins. For a more thorough clean, our professional office cleaning service in Melbourne includes dusting cords and electronics, sanitising all equipment, and deep cleaning chair fabrics.

Common Areas

Common areas like break rooms, kitchens, and copy/printer areas are shared spaces that require regular attention to prevent cross-contamination and maintain a pleasant environment for employees.

Daily tasks include wiping down countertops, sanitising tables, and cleaning appliance surfaces. However, deep cleaning these areas ensures that all hidden dirt and grime are removed. Our services of office cleaning in Melbourne cover deep cleaning appliances, sanitising kitchen areas, and ensuring all surfaces are hygienic.

Hidden Spots

Hidden spots, such as vents, light fixtures, and areas behind and under furniture, often get overlooked during regular cleaning. These spots can accumulate dust and allergens, affecting air quality and overall cleanliness.

Regular maintenance includes dusting and wiping down easily accessible areas. For a thorough clean, our steam cleaning Melbourne services focus on these hidden spots, ensuring they are free from dust and allergens.

Deep Cleaning vs. Regular Maintenance

Deep cleaning involves a thorough, intensive cleaning that addresses buildup and areas often missed during regular cleaning. Unlike daily or weekly maintenance, deep cleaning tackles dirt and grime that accumulates over time.

It is ideal for times like seasonal changes, after an illness outbreak, or before and after events. At Oxygen 2 Clean, we offer professional office cleaning services in Melbourne to cover both regular maintenance and deep cleaning.

Checklist for Deep Office Cleaning in Melbourne

A comprehensive deep cleaning covers every corner of your office:

High-Traffic Areas

Carpet cleaning/extraction: Regular vacuuming isn’t enough. Our professional Melbourne steam cleaning can help remove deep-seated dirt and allergens.
Floor waxing/buffing: High-traffic areas experience wear and tear. Floor waxing and buffing restore shine and protect flooring.
Thorough disinfection of high-touch surfaces: Door handles, light switches, and elevator buttons require regular disinfection to prevent germ spread.


Sanitising keyboards and mice: Keyboards and mice harbour bacteria. Regular sanitisation keeps these tools clean and safe.
Dusting cords and electronics: Dust accumulates quickly on electronics, affecting performance and cleanliness. Dusting ensures they remain functional and clean.
Cleaning chair fabrics: Office chairs can accumulate stains and dirt. Professional cleaning services restore their appearance and hygiene.

Common Areas

Deep cleaning appliances: Microwaves, coffee machines, and refrigerators need regular deep cleaning to prevent buildup and ensure they are safe for use.
Sanitising countertops and tables: These surfaces are used frequently and require thorough cleaning to maintain a sanitary environment.
Cleaning inside microwaves and refrigerators: Food spills and crumbs can lead to bacteria growth. Regular cleaning inside these appliances is essential.

Hidden Spots

Cleaning/replacing air filters: Dirty air filters can affect air quality. Regular replacement ensures a healthy environment.
Dusting light fixtures and blinds: Dust accumulates on high surfaces like light fixtures and blinds. Regular dusting keeps them clean and functional.
Cleaning under furniture: Dirt and debris can accumulate under furniture. Regular cleaning prevents buildup and maintains overall office cleanliness.


A clean office is essential for a healthy and productive work environment. Deep cleaning ensures every corner is thoroughly sanitised, creating a positive impression on clients and staff. Prioritise office cleanliness with Oxygen 2 Clean. Contact us today for a free consultation and see the difference a professional Melbourne cleaning service can make.

By incorporating regular and deep cleaning services from Oxygen 2 Clean, you can maintain an immaculate office environment. Our tailored approach to office cleaning in Melbourne guarantees that your workspace remains hygienic, efficient, and welcoming. Whether you need daily cleaning, weekly maintenance, or specialised Melbourne steam cleaning, our team is here to meet your needs with precision and care.

Experience the difference with Oxygen 2 Clean, your trusted partner for commercial cleaning in Melbourne. We understand the importance of a clean workspace and are dedicated to providing the highest standards of service. Contact us now to schedule your free consultation and elevate your office environment to new levels of cleanliness and professionalism.