COVID-19 Cleaning & Disinfection

COVID-19 Disinfection Melbourne And Sterilisation

Oxygen 2 Clean gives extensive COVID-19 cleaning and sterilisation services to government, business and private offices across Melbourne. We are capable react to basic and emergency circumstances.

Our services extend the extent of prudent to deep clean purification, applying the Australian Government Department of Health Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Principles for COVID-19.

Comprehension of Coronavirus is as yet growing however we do realize that it can get by on surfaces for various days and individuals can be both infectious and asymptomatic significance it is hard to contain and control.

For basic business activities and essential social services, approaching confided in proficient sterilisation specialists with quick and dependable responsiveness is basic.

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Levels of COVID-19 (coronavirus) Cleaning

Oxygen 2 Clean gives various degrees of COVID-19 cleaning dependent on the specific customer conditions and physical offices. They fall into two classifications.

  • Precautionary Sanitisation
  • Deep Cleaning

Precautionary Sanitisation

Precautionary Sanitisation are relevant to working environments or offices with at least one associated case with COVID-19 in low to medium hazard situations.

This degree of COVID-19 cleaning service is intended to relieve hazard through preventing possible spread of the infection. This is accomplished through a fitting mix of fogging and manual sanitisation of the branches of knowledge. We work intimately with the key partners and on location delegate to guarantee we receive the correct procedures and recurrence one of a kind to that condition.

Deep Cleaning

A Deep Cleaning is required when there are at least one presumed case in a high-hazard office, or one confirmed case in any setting.

This degree of COVID-19 cleaning service is intended to completely disinfect an office – both structural hard surfaces and contents giving a serious extent of confirmation for safe reoccupation.

Oxygen 2 Clean  utilizes chemicals recognised by Australian health authorities as appropriate for coronavirus sterilisation cleans.

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COVID-19 in the working environment

Doubts of COVID-19 should be met with quick and demonstrated measures to effectively moderate hazard and ease concerns.

The COVID-19 pandemic is rapidly forming into a significant wellbeing emergency in Australia. We are now encountering significant disturbance to day by day schedules, particularly in the working environment.


We prescribe executing the accompanying steps to keep you and your people safe.

  • Regularly sterilising surfaces, for example, door handles, light switches, public keypads, and so on.
  • Guarantee workspaces are very much ventilated, natural air flow is ideal.
  • Build up a cleanliness convention for employees who must travel or liaise with outsider customers or providers.
  • Urge employees to appropriately store food and to restrain food sharing.
  • Remain watchful and respond rapidly to known or associated cases with the infection by reaching experts to clean your workspace.

Oxygen 2 Clean is one of the dedicated Covid-19 deep cleaning service providers (COVID-19 Disinfection Melbourne)in Melbourne with a remarkable history of satisfied clients. The experienced cleaners working here have hands-on experience in the latest cleaning technologies, equipment, and chemicals, ensuring your needs are prioritized accordingly and we provide a consistent, top-quality clean every time.

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